All Bed Bugs Killed in 1 Day!

100% Guaranteed! – No Chemicals! – No Stress!

Discreet Same Day Service!

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 We safely raise the temperature of your entire home from 118°-145° which kills all stages of bed bugs in minutes.  Our specialists inspect your home thoroughly and properly adjust all your furniture items and belongings to ensure proper air flow to eradicate every last bed bug. 

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Before our bed bug heat treatment we MUST have the home properly prepped to guarantee our service. We will walk you through what must be done as well as send you our bed bug prep guide. Our service is discreet and won’t alert any of your neighbors.

We Don’t Cut Corners… We HEAT Them!



How Much Does A Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

There are a few factors that come into play when determining a bed bug treatment cost. The level of infestation is a major factor when determining cost. Homes that are highly infested call for more work to be done and is typically a higher cost. If you can catch the situation early it’s a lot less costly on your pockets!

Cost also depends on which bed bug treatment method you choose. We offer bed bug heat treatments as well as steam treatments, and bio-pesticide solutions. Not all bed bug infestations are the same and need to be examined to determine what will work best. Your inspector will recommend which treatment would fit your needs based on your situation.